Topic: Dynamic images in Simple Viewer

In the past I have created sites for clients, using Dreamweaver plugins, that allow them to upload an image which is resized to thumb and large and then displayed dynamically on their web page, thus allowing them to update their stock etc.

It occured to me that perhaps the Simple Viewer XML page could be updated dynamically at the same time so that Simple Viewer could be used to display the images.

Does anyone know if it is possible to dynamically create/alter the XML file using PHP/MySQL?

Or if not is there is another way to get Simple Viewer to read the images in the image folders dynamically rather than read the XML file?

Re: Dynamic images in Simple Viewer

there are several ways you could do this there is svManager, you could play with the BuildGallery script, Gallery has a plugin that feeds it's database to simpleviewer's xmlDataPath or you could write a php script that reads the xml file and adds the new info to the end.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Dynamic images in Simple Viewer

Many thanks for the reply. I am not a brilliant coder but I will have a look at those options over the next few days, it looks like there should be something there I can handle.