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I did a search, and will continue to search, but so far I haven't found an answer.

I tried changing the background color and graphic for the arrows (as I did with a previous version of SV) but upon republishing I received 11 actionscript errors and an SWF that weighed only 4kb rather than the standard 19kb.

I touched nothing else in the source material. I just opened the FLA and changed the graphic of the arrow, along with the background color and when I published it, BROKEN!

SO then I tried NOT changing the graphic and just the bkgnd color. BROKEN!

Then I tried not changing anything and publishing. BROKEN!

Basically, multiply this error by 11:

**Error** Line 22: The name of this class, 'com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.StageManager', conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded, 'com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.StageManager'.
     class com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.StageManager {

Total ActionScript Errors: 11      Reported Errors: 11

Does anyone know why there is a conflict???

Thanks in advance.


Re: Publishing the SWF from pro

I'm not sure off the top of my head what the error is, sometime random changes can throw flash into fits. I would load up a backup of the simpleviewer pro download and try again. You should be able to right click on the stage choose document properties and background color.
Did you look at the documentations for editing library symbols? In the library panel right click on arrow edit and make your changes.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Publishing the SWF from pro


if you see errors when you are publishing the SWF then yes the resulting SWF will be broken.

The errors you are seeing indicate that flash is finding 2 versions of the same ActionScript files. You need to remove the reference to one of them. Check your class paths. Do Preferences -> ActionScript -> ActionScript 2.0 Settings ... -> Classpath.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.