Topic: Optional Back Button Troubleshooting

I have created a simpleviewer pro gallery inside a HTML document. (The homepage that links to the gallery is HTML. The gallery is also dropped into a table for positioning purposes) I want to use the optional back button to return me to the home page. Problem is when I click it, it doesn't do anything. The arrow turns into a hand to indicate that there is an active link there but I can click all day without anything happening. Is there an issue with maybe relying on the history of the browser? Is there any way we can make it so rather than doing a back history command it can redirect to the U R L of my homepage?
Please, please, please, any help would be appreciated, it is driving me nuts and is the last bug to fix before I launch my site.

Re: Optional Back Button Troubleshooting


by default the back button does a 'back' in the browser's history.

To link to specific URL, there are 2 options:

1) Edit the goBack() function at line 347 in the StageManager class to point to a specific URL.

2) Make your own back button in your HTML document.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.