Topic: navPadding in gallery.xml has no effect

I'm trying to set navPadding in gallery.xml but with no appearent results.

Currently I'm trying to use it as an attribute in the gallery tag. I have tried setting it to values between 0 and 20, but the placement remains the same always.

I am placing the thumbnails below the main image.

Any help appreciated.


<gallery  navPadding="0" >

Re: navPadding in gallery.xml has no effect

Ah.. I found the answer.

I think the user guide confused me as it referred to adding attributes to the gallery tag.

Actually the gallery.xml file output from Lightroom has a root tag called simpleViewerGallery not 'gallery'

Now I can see how to make this work, though for lightroom integration I'd really like this to be set automatically for all my galleries, so this would require some further customisation of lightroom, I expect in the galleryMaker.xml file.

Re: navPadding in gallery.xml has no effect

Sussed, I've added it as a static attribute in xmlTransformer.xslt

Now it would be nice to understand galleryMaker.xml a bit better so that it could be a settable param in Lightroom.