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I've got a serious immovable deadline bearing down on me (a trade show) and I really need to make SimpleViewer Pro actually top align images.  I have both portrait, landscape and images of all sorts of varying dimensions.  They're guitars - so they're often very wide and not very tall or vice versa.

I cannot have the wide ones showing up half way down the page just because one or two others are very long.  I need to be able to top justify all images.

I tried imageVAlign="top" and it does not appear to do what I need.  I've seen some code posted but I do not have Flash authoring software.  I did have the demo installed last year and Adobe doesn't want me to do it again, apparently.   I purchased SimpleViewer Pro yesterday hoping this would solve my problem and I'm kinda stuck now that it doesn't.

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Re: Need to top align images


to use the 'imageVAlign' AS option, you will need to use Flash. Check instructions here: … #asoptions

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.