Topic: sorting files ...theyre going all wrong!

hi im using the simlpe viewer basic version with photoshop cs3...ive been through the support files etc...
but i cant find out how to fix a problem im having..!
i rename all my images in numerical order...but simple viewer doesnt stick to this...
it puts 1, 10, 2, 3, 4 etc...
how can i do it so i dont have to rename my images ....and just order by date???
do i need to by the pro version for this??
or is there a way around this.. i was looking for buildgallery.php but i cant find this to sort by date..
please help its ruining my chronological order for my photos! thanks!

Re: sorting files ...theyre going all wrong!


the photoshop plugin does not support sorting options. So you can sort the images manually by editing the gallery.xml file, or you can try a different method to generate your galleries. I believe the buildGallery.php file will give sort options.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: sorting files ...theyre going all wrong!

hi thanks for that! i figured it out ...using photoshop!

so for anyone that wants to know how to keep the numbers in order..

basically.. rename all your image files ..using flash renamer / name mangler etc...
sort in order of date / capture time
then rename ...

but importantly ..make sure you prefix 2 zeros!!!!

then go into photoshop and generate gallery!!! and it works...