Topic: Slovak characters doesnt work in buildgallery.php


i am using your simpleviewer 1.9, thanks for it, it is greatest gallery ever (simple to edit and use). i have cca 450 photos i need to import to 9 different galleries. some of the photos maybe one half has filenames with diacritical marks as "á, č, š, í ..." for example "1959 nálepkova ulica v Bratislave.jpg" ... i tryed to create thumbs and xml via buildgallery.php v2, but it doesnt create thumbs (and write info to xml file) for all images with characters (above) in filenames .... where can be a problem?

then i download script for photoshop CS3 and try to create the gallery, it created thumbs and write all info to xml file BUT when i browse tha gallery, there are shown only photos without characters á, é, š ....

have i really to rewrite all the photos? i hope no ..

Re: Slovak characters doesnt work in buildgallery.php

I am guessing the photoshop plugin doesn't handle non-english characters. Can you use a batch rename application to rename your jpgs?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Slovak characters doesnt work in buildgallery.php

but what about buildgallery.php ? why it doesnt work? when i try to create gallery only with slovak characters it doesnt write no error, only somethink like "0 thumbs were created" .. and nothink..

i cant use batch rename application, i need the names same as are now ..