Topic: I dont show the caption - help!

Hi, I upgrade to the pro version and its not possible to me to show the caption as text below the big image (between big image and thumbnails)...???

My first lines at galery.xml...

maxImageWidth = "570"
maxImageHeight = "500"
textColor = "0x000000"
frameColor = "0xCFCFCF"
frameWidth = "2"
stagePadding = "10"
thumbnailColumns = "7"
thumbnailRows = "2"
navPosition = "bottom"
title = ""
enableRightClickOpen = "true"
backgroundImagePath = ""
imagePath = ""
thumbPath = ""

    <filename>1 Robert und Band.jpg</filename>
    <caption><![CDATA[hier... <a href=" Robert und Band.jpg" target="_blank"><u>Open image in new window</u></a>]]></caption>

    <filename>1a Robert mit Melone.jpg</filename>
    <caption><![CDATA[<a href=" Robert mit Melone.jpg" target="_blank"><u>Open image in new window</u></a>]]></caption>


Look at … alerie.php



Re: I dont show the caption - help!

I believe you should be able to place captions between your thumb and the main image. Take a look a the Actionscript Options, these are set by editing the file and republishing the viewer.swf.  First I would try setting captionUnderThumbs to false, if that does not seem to work I would try playing with the captionPadding and the space between the captions and the image. If you are still having issues after that I would try using fixed layout to position everything. Don't forget that after you make changes to the file you need to republish your SWF.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.