Topic: Uploading Image: Error Occurred

I can't figure out why every time I try to use the Java Applet to upload a new image to a gallery I get the message: Error Occurred.  I've changed all the permissions for the folders to 0777 which should allow the php to write files.  I also changed the permissions on my php.ini file to 0777 as well.  My server is running php-5, could that be an issue?

Re: Uploading Image: Error Occurred

These ones can be hard to figure because the error message is so brief. SvManager is developed in php5 and tested in php4 so that's unlikely to be the problem.

I suggest the following:

Install the svManager server compatibility test. The test has java logging turned-on by default but in svManager itself it's turned-off.

Enable the java console. See instructions on the Java web site if you are on Windows. On Mac it's Applications > Utilities >Java Preferences > Advanced tab > Show console.

Try to upload one small image in the server test.

If the upload fails then there should be an error message in the Java console log. See if you can figure-out the error message or post it here.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.