Topic: Contradiction in Pro License Wording

On this page
it says "TiltViewer-Pro may be used for personal and/or commercial projects.TiltViewer-Pro may be used to create an unlimited number of websites. Each purchase provides a single-user, single-workstation license."

Thats why I bought the pro version.

However on inside the download package it says on the readme page
"TiltViewer-Pro may be used in any kind of personal and/or commercial project. Each purchase provides a single user, single website license."

So which one is correct? Can I make an unlimited number of websites? Is it a single workstation license or a single website license??

Dan Vantari

Re: Contradiction in Pro License Wording


the correct terms are on the website. I've updated the terms in the readme file.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Contradiction in Pro License Wording

Thanks Felix - I think that is very generous terms :-)
I had originally thought that each client who wanted a Tiltviewer would have to pay for another license. This makes it a really good deal for me to be able to offer it to my clients!

I would like to cutomise a few things that are not available without access to the fla file though. Little things like centering the description text, adding a second URL link...
At the moment it seems that if 'showFlipButton' is set to false then the linkurl is not available. I think it would be nice if there was an option to have the link on the front of the pic where the flip button normally is, no?

Thanks for a great interface! Im thinking about designing a game using it. Could be clues on the back of the images and one image with a link to a new tiltviewer. Each tiltviewer becomes like a room, with the hidden link being the door. Also thinking of using it as a shop interface where one tiltviewer is the categories and loads separate TVs with the products.

Perhaps I will contact regarding access to the fla file...

All the best