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I'm using the Airtight script with Photoshop and find it tedious to keep removing features that I don't want. For instance, I don't want captions for my photos or at least I don't want captions that are the file name. I also want to use the same colors and frame size every time. Is there some way to customize the script and save me time? If not, can you point me to a comparable product that will allow me to do this?

Re: Customize Photoshop Script

In your plugin directory you can edit the SimpleViewer.jsx with notepad to change the default settings. Beyond editing the Photoshop plugin, some of the other applications give you more options without having to edit the plugin such as Lightroom.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Customize Photoshop Script

ok, I've found the file and was able to successfully change the color attributes... now the script goes through and creates everything as expected but I get an error when it finishes

"Error 8000:Cannot open the file because he open options are incorrect"
"Line 924"
"->                  open( fileList[] );"

Any idea what I hosed up?

Re: Customize Photoshop Script


Can you post the changes that you made to the SimpleViewer.jsx (via copy and paste)? Also you can download a Trial version of Adobe Flash HERE. You will have to create account with Adobe then you can get a Trial version of Flash free for 30 days. Then you can edit the that is within the source code of the Pro version only.