Topic: Scrolling Images

I was wondering if it's possible to have the images have a scroll bar?

Basically, I want to include panoramic shots and rather then having them downscaled by simple viewer, I want a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the image so that that the image can be displayed at a large size and still be able to see it all.

Re: Scrolling Images

SimpleViewer does not support image scrolling. You can use the browser's scrollbars scrolling by setting the SWF width to be as wide as your largest image in the HTML.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Scrolling Images

That's helpful.  Is it possible to put the image and the gallery into two different Div boxes? and thus enable scrolling on that box?

Alternatively.. is it possible to have the option of opening the image in a new window go to a different copy of the image?

Ie:  have it resize the version that appears normally, but then when you click to view in new window, the full resolution/size image will appear.

Where do you set SWF width?  I'm guessting it's the index file but I don't see a line to edit and I'm not sure where/what to write in.

Re: Scrolling Images

It's not really practical to do this with simpleviewer. One option is that you could have a smaller image in simpleviewer and add a click to open the image in a lightwindow.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Scrolling Images

The image in question is this:  it loses pretty much all effect when you shrink it down, even that version is only 25% of the original size.

I think what I'll just do is put all the standard images in simple viewer and put it in a DIV box, then put thumbnails underneath that link to the really big photos in a new window.