Topic: flip option available for either free or pro version of simpleviewer?

I've used simpleviewer on an off for a few years now, and have also used tiltviewer too.  The last time I created a little gallery for some folks to take a look at though it did not go over so well - older folks, another with a tendency to have epileptic like seizures, etc ...  the interface really threw some of them for a loop.  Bummer....  I re-did the images for them in a more simple simpleviewer interface which went over quite well.  I must say that I never saw that coming ( the "allergic reaction" to the 3d interface - I've always thought it was cool . . . who-da-thunk? )

Anyway . . . I really like the ability to "flip" the images over in tiltviewer so that a description, story, etc can be told about an image.  I've been trolling the web, searching forums, googling, etc ...  is it simply not available on any of the other viewers that airtight does other that then 3d one??  Bummer if so...  :(

Appreciate any feedback that anyone in here may be able to provide... 

-=- jd -=-