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Topic: I have Flash - what's going on?!?


This has been driving me nuts for hours, and I'm about ready to pull my hair out. I can view the galleries without any problem at all locally, using Safari and FireFox. But once I upload everything to my server it displays the "SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash." message, even though I have the latest version of Flash, I have JavaScript enabled, the HotLink Protection thing is disabled, and plus it worked locally. I have triple checked everything I can think of, re-uploaded the files a million times, and I'm using FileZilla (not Fetch). I am at a complete and total loss, so if anyone is able to help I would be EXTREMELY grateful.

The galleries are located at:
http://www.daniellebloss.com/design.html (click the links) and also
http://www.daniellebloss.com/photography.html (click links)

Please, please help.

Thanks in advance,

Re: I have Flash - what's going on?!?

I recently discovered that I have the exact same problems with TiltViewer and PostcardViewer. They work locally, but when I upload to my site it says I don't have Flash.

Re: I have Flash - what's going on?!?

Your galleries are working here. Did you clear your browser cache?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: I have Flash - what's going on?!?

Thanks for checking.

I figured it out (hence the galleries working). Apparently FileZilla was the problem, even though it's worked for other people. I downloaded CyberDuck and re-uploaded everything, and now it works, as you've seen.

Thanks for replying though.