Topic: gallery.xml imagePath and thumbPath not correct

Hi there, just bought the svManager. Works flawless exept for one thing.

The situation: I put the svManagerfolder in a folder called shared that resides in the root of the site.

From a file in the root I call gallery.xml. Loads perfectly but it doesn't show the images or thumbs, only white crosses.

When I look into gallery.xml I see there is no path included for both the imagefolder and the thumbfolder which should be set to something like shared/svmanager/g1/images etc.

What could be the problem? Path from web root is set to: /shared/svmanager/g1/

The first lines of the gallery.xml are:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth = "520" maxImageHeight = "420" textColor = "0x3b2c78" frameColor = "0xffffff" frameWidth = "10" stagePadding = "20" thumbnailColumns = "4" thumbnailRows = "3" navPosition = "left" title = "test" enableRightClickOpen = "true" backgroundImagePath = "" imagePath = "" thumbPath = "" navPadding = "20" vAlign = "top" hAlign = "center">

Any idea?


Re: gallery.xml imagePath and thumbPath not correct

I'm not sure I fully understand your setup but it may help to look at the section on Relative and absolute paths in the advanced section of the user manual.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: gallery.xml imagePath and thumbPath not correct

Hi Jack,

The problem is already solved but not completely in the way you describe in the Relative and absolute paths section of the manual. I tried that solution too (changing define('SV_PATH_SCHEME', '');) but it only seems to work when the gallery is in a folder called g1 (or simular). Mine isn't so that didn't work (svmanager couldn't find the images and thumbs folder).

But in the same section there is one interesting thing, and that is that svmanager doesn't change the path when you import a gallery, so I unlist mine (I need only one gallery). Changed the path in the correct way in the gallery.xml and then imprted it in svmanager. Works fine although I think it wouldn't be necessary to do it in this way.

Thanks for your answer.