Topic: Help on autoplay thumbnail area handling

Hi I wonder if someone could help me please?

I have enabled the autoplay in the, recompiled the swf
On my site I am displaying 9 thumbnails next to the main image
My gallery contains more than 9 images, let's say 15
When I load the site, autoplay starts to display the images. When I click the arrow to see the second batch of the thumbnails 10-15 I can only see it until the next picture is brought up by the autoplay, because the thumbnail display area jumps back to show the first 9thumbnails. Is it the intended behaviour? I find it is very annoying, is there anywhere I could disable this? I have been looking into the file, but I'm not an expert on flash... :)



Re: Help on autoplay thumbnail area handling

Without looking at the code I think this may be a property of the tween that it goes to a newly selected thumbnail. I would look at that or changing the thumbnail arrows to pause the slide show when clicked with mImageArea.setPlaying(false);.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.