Topic: Frustrated!

I am one step away from getting my money back. I've been seeking answers for the past week and have gotten nothing for it. 

I am still seeking a resolution to redirecting the admin sign in page to the /g1/ gallery page

And now I cant even sign in!  I took it off my server, re-unzipped everything, and re-uploaded it.  Admin/admin works fine but it wont let me change my password and log in. 

Is there anyone on these boards that can answer questions with the level of detail I need?  Is there a more direct form of communication?

Re: Frustrated!

Let's take your sign-in problem first. If you can't log-in at all then please follow the instructions in the user manual under Forgotten password. Once you have logged-in successfully then enter both a new user name and password into the Admin screen. Note that leaving the new user name blank gives you exactly that – a blank user name – which works fine and is what some people want but may not be what you are expecting.

Now back to your first problem. I made a suggestion about using a redirect and you replied 'I cant really figure it out. Its the php file thats getting me.' Could you please explain a little more where the difficulty is and I'll try to help.

And sorry to repeat a question I asked earlier but I want to be sure what you are trying to achieve. My understanding is that you don't want any kind of home page – you want the gallery itself to be the home page. Is this correct?

Of course, if you come to the conclusion that svManager is not what you need for your site then getting your money back remains an option. If you decide to stick with it then I'll try to help :)


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.