Topic: Various problems

I've been having various problems.

my galleries are here:

I can get a few of the galleries to work, 60% or so, but not all.

I've reuploaded viewer.swf, and everything under EXT.

I'm not sure why some of the images view, and others don't.

And I'm also not sure why I get the  black screen of death sometimes an others not.

I've tried filezilla and cuteftp.  But the uploads (.swf's mostly) sometimes have a size of 0 bytes...

Re: Various problems

i still can't figure out how to fix the page loading and upload problems... any ideas?

Re: Various problems

The first issue I'm seeing is covered in FAQ #8

8. I created a gallery with 300 images. When I view this gallery, my computer slows down or freezes.

SimpleViewer is designed for viewing at most around 50 images per gallery. More images than this can cause slow performance on older machines, as all the images are loaded into memory simultaneously. Try splitting your gallery into multiple sub-galleries (check Q16).

Second if you are going to use HTML in the captions you need to encapsulate it with <![CDATA[  ]]> for example:

<caption><![CDATA[<a target="_blank" href="large/IMG_9655-001.jpg"><u>Zoom</u></a>]]></caption>

Start with that if you continue to have issues let me know.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.