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Topic: Problems with paths...

Hey Folks!

As i like the simpleViewer very much, i decided to use it to show my galleries on my Homepage.

As there are many different galleries, i decided to use a database table.

so i hjave a gallery.php, which gets the folder, where the XML-File is saved and loads it.
This works.

But the Images won't show...
Just black crosses and the captions...

My Folders:
/content   --> here lies gallery.php and viewer.swf
/pics/galeries/[FOLDER]/  --> here is the gallery.xml and the folders thumbs and images.

In the gallery.xml i have the following code:


The folder used here is ringe, which does exist.

Now, if i right click an image, to open it in a new window, it points to the following path:
http://familie-sigmund.de/pics/galeries … C00050.JPG

where it should be:
http://familie-sigmund.de/pics/galeries … C00050.JPG

Can someone please help me?

The Link to my Gallery-Page is:

EDIT: The problem is only in FireFox, IE shows it right...
          This must be the day, where all is wrong.... ;)