Topic: Slowly going mad!! Help

Erm don't know where to start...

I'm working on a flash site and in the main swf (site.swf) I load the viewer.swf.
So the site is like this:

Root ftp
-swf (folder)
-g1 (folder)
--images (folder)
--thumbs (folder)

The index.html loads the site.swf from the swf folder. The site.swf loads the viewer.swf from inside the g1 folder. The viewer loads the gallery.xml - but now heres the problem it does not find the images and thumbs.
I managed to understand that it looks for the image and thumbs folder in the root of the ftp - I copied the folders to there and it worked -BUT - I when i upload or delete pics in the svmanager it uploads to g1/images.
(BTW - if i open - [the index page of the gallery] - everything works fine - it looks for the folders in g1 itself - but when trying to get there from the flash it doesnt work)

2 options I think for solving this but don't know how:
1- Get svmanager to create images and thumbs folders in the root ftp -tried real hard and couldn't understand how do do this
2 - Get it to look for the folders in g1 instead of the root ftp.

Anyone actually understand what I'm trying to explain? OR even better - know how I can fix this?
And be nice - I'm not a programmer...

Re: Slowly going mad!! Help

Slow madness induced by Flash file paths could be infectious so I think I'll stay out of that topic and try to help from the svManager end of things.

You wrote:

1- Get svmanager to create images and thumbs folders in the root ftp

I'm assuming that you are on a recent version of svManager, like 1.5. Older versions store the settings in different places. Find the file svmanager/plugins/simpleviewer/settings.php and edit the default paths to the thumb and images directories. The default for images looks like this:


I think for your setup that something like this would work:


Change the default thumb path in a similar way. You will need to create a new gallery for this to work.

Your second options points to an alternative approach.

You wrote:

2 - Get it to look for the folders in g1 instead of the root ftp

As well as the default relative paths in the xml file, SimpleViewer can handle http:// style paths and also paths relative to the web root like /whatever. SvManager supports this with a 'PATH_SCHEME' setting for each viewer type. So here's another thing you could try instead of approach 1.

Edit the settings file as before, but this time look for the following line:

define('SV_PATH_SCHEME', '');

Change this to something like:

define('SV_PATH_SCHEME', '');

Create a new gallery.
Move the new gallery to where you want it by changing the path from web root in the svManager customize screen. I guess for your setup this would be:


SvManager will update the http file and thumb paths for the new location.

I think either approach would work. I wouldn't try both at the same time, it might just get a bit confusing.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.