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Topic: Possible to change fade-in color for images?


I'm thinking about buying AutoViewer Pro, but I all the galleries I've seen fade in the pictures from black! I would like to fade in the pictures from white, is this possible at all? (I've got some programming experience, so I would be able to change the ActionScript.)

If you don't under stand what I mean: http://www.stijnspijker.nl/photos.html

You will see the pre-loader thingie (pie-chart kinda thing), then there will be a black square, and the pictures fade's in from that black color..

Any hints  where I would change this in the code if it is possible, so I know if I should buy it?
Or even better: just fade in from transparent...

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Re: Possible to change fade-in color for images?

Ah, found it online!

For future reference, change this line (83 in the example) in Image.as:

mColorTween = new Tween(mcLoader,"offset",sTweenFunc,-255,-255,1,false);


mColorTween = new Tween(mcLoader,"offset",sTweenFunc,255,255,1,false);

(thus removing the minus sign '-'). Maybe you should consider putting this in Options.as ?
Not really hard, and a real plus for me :)