Topic: Simpleviewer in a webshop/flash file embeding


I am creating a webshop, where I'd like to show pictures of some things customers have made using our products.
And I would like to use Simpleviewer because it is the greatest thing..
But before I go ahead and buy Simpleviewer Pro I would like to know how it works with the whole embeding a gallery into a flash file (.swf)!
The sitehost has some limitations, so what I can do is create my own pages, and load them up as .html files.
And in one (or more, depending on how many galleries) of my own pages, I would like to put a flash file with the gallery inside!
And because it is not an ftp-server I cannot load up whole folders with contents..
Therefor.. I need to make my gallery a flash file.
And I heard that it is possible!

But I guess that is a part of the whole buying Simpleviewer Pro assets.
Is there someone who knows that this WILL work?
And I would be glad if someone could give me some hints...


Re: Simpleviewer in a webshop/flash file embeding

SimpleViewer does not support embeding the images into the flash file.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.