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I want to turn on autoplay. In the file I have:
    static var enablePlayButton:Boolean = false; //Whether to show play button for autoplay mode.
    static var playAtStart:Boolean = true; //Whether to automatically start playing.
    static var displayTime:Number = 5; //Number of seconds each image will display in autoplay mode.   

but autoplay is not happening. Do I have something wrong?

Re: Autoplay not working

Do you have the latest version? Auto Play was added in Version 1.9. If you have the latest version, did you republish your swf?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Autoplay not working

Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate it!

I just bought it last week so I assume it's the latest version...can you remind me where to be sure?

However, I don't think I republished the SWF. I just changed the file. Can you tell me the steps to republish please?

Thanks so much

Re: Autoplay not working

Actually i have a basic question about that process if you don't mind.

In svManager, when I create and when I update a gallery, the files are created only on my server. So if i want to do something like republish or change the file, i have to download those files from my server first, right? In other words, i just want to confirm that the files are created only on the server, not on my local machine, yes?


Re: Autoplay not working

And, sorry to complicate this posting, but as I look I'm not sure i changed the action script in the right place at all.  Can you help me with a basic overview of how this works.

Here's what I have:
on my server, i have a domain,
then i have /simpleviewr_pro/
and /svmanager/

in simpleviewer_pro/source/com/airtightinteractive/viewers/simpleviewers/
is the file
I changed this one to make autoplay true
but now it occurs to me this makes no sense. is this the right place to have changed it? Can't be. What if i have another gallery, which i do, on the same domain that I dont want to autostart?

then in svmanager I have all the files that came with it plus two galleries i created, called

I see that both of these files have a viewer.swf file which I assume is what was created when I used the svmanager to create the galleries, and this is what you mean for me to republish. By republish do you mean to update in svmanager or to do it from within Flash? And do each of these galleries have their own file to change autoplay etc.? If it's just that one file in the simpleviewer_pro folder, then does that govern all galleries?

Thanks for your help...sorry for the long post with multiple questions. I realize I'm not quite grasping the structure here.


Re: Autoplay not working


Yes you do change the file and set the autoplay to true then you will have to republish it using Flash … html#repub After that viewer.swf is created in the web folder inside the simpleviewer_pro folder. You take that new .swf file out and then you can change the autoplay back to false republish it so you can have one autoplay .swf and one standard .swf of which you can duplicate and place them in there galleries so they react the way you like. If there all in the same folder you will need to change the name of one of the .swf files and put that same name in the .html code.

Re: Autoplay not working

and if i republish the flash, it won't loose all my settings/image paths etc.?

Re: Autoplay not working

it worked, thanks so much!