Topic: problem

I just updated my version of svManager from 1.2.3 to the latest version.  I have also purchased simple viewer pro and autoviewer pro in the past and did the svManager upgrade as it supported autoviewer galleries.

My problem is this:

After following the instructions and installing the autoviewer.swf file via ftp to my webserver in the appropriate directory, the gallery fails to load and all i get is a message stating the gallery is loading. 

If I use the original autoviewer.swf file that was installed with svManager everything works fine BUT i still get the autoviewer link in the bottom right corner.

Any idea's how this can be resolved?

Re: problem

Maybe you have an old version of AutoViewer Pro. You should be able to download the latest version using the same link that you received when you bought it. If you've lost the link then please contact Felix.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.