Topic: firefox 3.5.3 display bug

I'm not sure which version of firefox this is broken with, but I do know I upgraded firefox and happened to check it and it was broken.

This page displays correctly, (2 columns, 4 rows of thumbnails) in IE7 and Chrome. But in Firefox, it's severely cut off. The main display picture is also significantly smaller. I played around with giving simpleviewer more room, but regardless how big of a div I put it in, it would still not display correctly. Any suggestions?

Re: firefox 3.5.3 display bug

Please check the FAQ, Q35:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: firefox 3.5.3 display bug

Thanks for the reply. I did check out the FAQ but missed that one. Thanks that worked! I've never set html to 100% in individual files before, very strange.