Topic: Simpleviewer pro & Firefox problems

Hi everyone:

First of all, thank you so much for reading and or/responding to my questions. I was having problems earlier with Firefox cropping my images. Thanks to Felix, he pointed me to FAQ35 which resolved that problem. However, I am having two other problems with Firefox: 1). The scrollbars don't appear and my page gets cut in half. There is no way of accessing the lower half. And 2). Simpleviewer, Fiirefox, and my CSS based drop-down menu bar don't seem to be interacting well. The menu bar drops down but when you hover over a link, the menu truncates to one or two entries. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do to fix these problems? I'd greatly appreciate any guidance.

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Re: Simpleviewer pro & Firefox problems

Is this related to simpleviewer or just general web help? Because it sounds like CSS/HTML issues and no flash problems.

Also can you link to 1) your website and 2) the page you are having problems on. If you can't link to the site (because its not live for instance) then either use something like or post the relevant code.