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hello i just install and when i try to upload pictures to my new gallery it says "error ocurred. status 401"
please could you help me forward
I believe that i set up all the folders to rwxrwxrwx

i have found why it was giving me this error,
the folder i'm ussing is a protected folder, ... i took it out the protection and voila, works!

please i need to protect back this folder becouse this gallery is part of a restricted area
what i should do then to have not the past issue???

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Re: status code 401

The java uploader that we use in svManager is not compatible with .htaccess protection. I have asked the provider of the java uploader to include this feature but I don't have any timescale for that.

So at the moment, if you want to use .htaccess protection then you can't use the uploader. Everything else in svManager should be ok. You can upload new images with ftp and run the 'Rebuild' option in the galleries screen to add them to the gallery and create the thumbnails.


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Re: status code 401

I'll fix it up with a frame, but please let me know when i can use the protect folder