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Hi all
Is it possible to make the images in Tilt Viewer link to another url WITHOUT having to flip the image? 


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Re: link without flipping ?

From reading back through the forum it seems that this can't be done. This is really going to be a deal breaker for me using this any further; here's what a client just wrote:
"Ps, your new website isnt great for first time users, took me three trys to discover you have image gallerys behind the images, my brother (who is into photography) didn’t find your images either until I told him how- just thought you might want some feedback as people might be missing your great stuff"

Felix; this really needs to be addressed ASAP. Is there any effort being put into adding this feature?

Re: link without flipping ?


thanks for your feedback. TiltViewer was built to be an image gallery, not a menu. Maybe you should try something different for your menu.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: link without flipping ?

I feel this would be a very useful option: to use directly a link without having to flip.

Actually, we want to use the gallery of tiltvievwer, but for our needs the simple zoom over is enough for the gallery scopes, while a click on the image (without flipping) would land directly to a specific image page.

Hope to see this option soon.


P.S. Where is the bad if this gallery can be used also as a "smart" menu?