Topic: change prev/next button colour in autoviewer pro

Hi, please help me to change the 'default' white colour of the prev/next buttons in autoviewer pro. I was previously using simple viewer and the button colour changed automatically with the frame autoviewer it seems to be an additional step?
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Re: change prev/next button colour in autoviewer pro

You can either open the fla and and edit "arrow inv inner" and "arrow inv inner L" and change their color or you can use actionscript see below.

In at about line 105

(new Color(mClip_mc.ButtonBack)).setRGB(0x3399ff);
(new Color(mClip_mc.ButtonNext)).setRGB(0x3399ff);

if you want to tie it into the frame color replace 0x3399ff with xmlRoot.attributes.frameColor

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.