Topic: Error 0x21704f72

When I attempt to run the script in  Photoshop CS4, it begins the process, but then I get the error "The Instruction at 0x21704f72 referenced memory 0x000000. The memory could not be read.  I am running XP Pro and CS4 w/1GB RAM and 500GB Harddrive.  I can manually create the gallery, but I purchased SimpleViewer so I wouldn't have to!  I can open the photos, reduce them 25%, save them in the correct folders, manually edit the .xml file, etc., but that defeats the purpose of SimpleViewer Pro.

I would appreciate any assistance.  Thanks!

Re: Error 0x21704f72

Did you follow the install directions using the Adobe Extension Manager? Simpleviewer Pro is not required to use the gallery generators.

Photoshop CS4

   1. Download the Airtight Photoshop CS4 scripts installer here.
   2. Unzip and doubleclick the MXP file to automatically install the scripts. (Note: To install the MXP file you need Adobe Extension Manager installed).
   3. If Photoshop is open, quit and restart it.
   4. In Photoshop, do File> Scripts > SimpleViewer to run the script and create your gallery. … truct.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.