Topic: Were to set the Image path in the fla.?

I have searched almost the whole forum or used the search.
unfortunately i didnt found no answer to my question.
I purchased simpleviewer pro to use it in ebay.
And like to change the paths for the image folder and xml gallery in the
fla. file because i cant use javascript on ebay and i have to change it in the fla.
For the xml path i found the line:

//set default xmlPath
var xmlPath = "gallery.xml"
//get xml data Path from flashVars
if (_root.xmlDataPath != undefined){
    xmlPath = _root.xmlDataPath;

but were is the actionscriptcode were i can set the image path?
can somebody help me and sorry for my bad englisch :-(.

thank you greetz

Re: Were to set the Image path in the fla.?


You can change the image path with in the gallery.xml. Open the gallery.xml and on line 2 at the end of it you will see

imagePath=""  thumbPath=""

  just put the name/location of these folders between the " ". Also you can change the name of the gallery.xml to what ever you want then just change that name in the .html as well, on line 35 you will see

fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.xml")

I hope that is what you were asking for if not let us know.

All the best.

Re: Were to set the Image path in the fla.?

Also check the FAQ, Q25:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Were to set the Image path in the fla.?

ok thank you.Now it works perfect.
Now i have an other question.
Is there a way in the fla. or xml that when i click whith the left mouse on the image it opens up
in a new window or it enlarges in the gallery or something like that.
i hope you know what i mean :-).
i have the fla. maybe someone have an idea or a coustomized script.
I know that i can make it like taht way : putting an sentence under the thumbs were i can click.
But that requires javascript and i cant use javascript on ebay....
sorry again for my bad englisch :-).
Thank you