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I got tired of changing XML files everytime I want to add or remove an image in my gallery so I wrote a small PHP program that would generate the desired xml file each time you run it. 

I opened up and changed the filename from my random name to the name of the script.php.

All of the sudden the images are all loading up on top of each each rather than in a controlled manner.  Like the "hide" option is no longer working.  Everything else works, the control light up and you can scroll through the images (although you can't see anyone but the one on top).  I went back to the "random.xml" version of the swf and it works fine.  If I compare the generate XML and the static XML file they are identical.   

Any ideas?


Re: Oddness with XML change

Could you put up a page with the gallery not working?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Oddness with XML change

Sure, here is the a simple index.html -> swf -> php for xml generation.

Here is the same set of images with the static xml file:

There is a small different besides the between these two.  I actually went back to the base zip file as I have modified the code for the watermark.  When it didn't work the first time, I figured I would go back to the original base before I would ask for help -- just in case it was something I had changed.


Re: Oddness with XML change

Oh! I figured it out, I had not used the same exact order in the XML.

I had:


I moved caption to 2nd and it started to work.