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hi all,

i have a question about using simplefiever pro in lightroom 2.5.

in the manual, i found the information, that I only need to copy the lightroom-pro viewer into the lightroom folder.

at my computer it looks in the following way:



- gallery
- gallery maker
- iconic_preview
- index
- readme
- swfobject
- version_info
- xmlTransformer
- viewer

but the simple_pro folder after unzipping the file looks like:

--> source
-------> com
----------------> airtightinteractive
--------------------------------> apps
--------------------------------------------------------- stagemanager
--------------------------------------------------------- tumbarea
--------------------------------------------------------- thumb

--------------------------------> utils
------------------------------------------ tweenextended
------------------------------------------ rectutil
------------------------------------------ arrayutil

- uni05_54
- impleviewer.fla

--> web
- readme

but the stagemanager, tumbarea, thumb, imagearea, image, options, xmlmanager and the rolloverbutton are mentioned in the manual to use for modifiing the gallery.

what do I have to do, to usw the full power of simpleviewer pro with lightroom? do I need to copy more then only these one file?

best regards and thanks in advance

Re: lightroom and simpleviewer pro

*  Copy the SimpleViewer SWF that comes in the Pro download (at \web\viewer.swf) to the SimpleViewer template folder inside the Lightroom application folder on your computer. The path to the Lightroom application folder is:
          o Windows: \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom [version]\shared\webengines\ simpleviewer.lrwebengine
          o Macintosh: /Applications/Adobe Web.lrmodule/ Contents/ Resources/ galleries/simpleviewer.lrwebengine. (To browse inside a package use ctrl-click and select "Show Package Contents")
    * Restart Lightroom. Any galleries you create from now on will use the Pro swf. … #lightroom

To upgrade your Lightroom plugin all you have to do is copy \web\viewer.swf to simpleviewer.lrwebengine and Restart Lightroom if it is open.

The files found in the source folder contain the code for SimpleViewer and allow you to make changes to the flash and change some options. As far as customizing SimpleViewer Pro options there are two places that the different options can be set. Some can be set by the XML Optons which the Lightroom plugin will effect these are found in the top of the gallery.xml document. Many of the options are found in the ActionScript Options these have to be changed in Flash Pro and can not be changed by Lightroom.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: lightroom and simpleviewer pro