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I just purchased and downloaded svManager mainly for the use of Tilt Viewer Pro.  Very cool and thought that it would look great with my 3D images.  However I've had nothing but major issues with it after building the website, it crashes all my browsers or lock's up trying to load.  I've had this happen with both Safari and FF v3.5.3.  I've been looking though the documention carefully to see if I'm doing somthinig wrong.  I uploaded originally 37 files no bigger than 800x600.  The panel of photos appeared to be overlapping one another when i press view, and when I attempted to click on one, it wouldn't zoom or tilt.
There seems to be no workaround for this- and i cannot find an index.html file to edit in the g1 folder.

I need to give the photos some space between one another-
and I need to have it stop crashing my browsers.  Very frustrating.

See it here at:

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Looks like the 'maxJPGSize' option is set to a low value which makes the images show up very large + overlapping. This may also cause browser crashing since the large 3D images use a lot of CPU.

The solution is to set you 'maxJPGSize' to 800 or whatever your largest image dimension is. With svManager, you can set this option directly in svManager gallery customize screen.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.