Topic: Valign = top > thumbnails and pictures

Hi, i hope anyone here can help me with this.

I'm trying to use the Valign in the xml file to get to menu as well as the picture aligned to the top...
which seems not to be working... the picture moves up to the top of the flash but the menu stays centered...

The only way it seems to work that both, the image and the thumbnail menu can be arranged to the top of the swf stage
is with fixed positions which is not really an option because then you loose the functionality of captions being placed always under the current picture...

Anybody has any idea why Valign doesnt work for the thumb menu as well???

Re: Valign = top > thumbnails and pictures

Have you done all of the following and then cleared your cache? If so and it still is not working please post the URL of your gallery.

34. How can I get my images flush to the edge of the swf?

Use the vAlign, hAlign and navPostion XML options to position the gallery elements within the SWF. Set stagePadding to zero. Set maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight to match your image dimensions.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Valign = top > thumbnails and pictures

VAlign shifts the entire gallery. By default the thumbs are centered in relation to the main image.

If you want fine grain control of the layout, I recommend you use the 'fixedLayout' options: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Valign = top > thumbnails and pictures

thanks, thats all i needed to know...

for future development it would be awesome if you could also valign the thumbnail menu... instead of having it centered...
you know... without having to use the fixedLayout... because with that captions are hard to handle... especially if you have portrait and landscape images and so on...  or if using fixed layout at least the captions would stay where they are ...below the image and you can just change the space between caption and image...

thanks for the help
will post the finished portfolio when its done here so you can see how i used svp...