Topic: republish swf problem

Hi. I had problems republishing a swf after changing some things in

To troubleshoot I changed everything back. Still a problem.

So I quit Flash. Restarted computer. Opened SVP from the .zip file so it was fresh.

I then published on the untouched "simpleviewer.fla". And then viewed the results in your "web" folder (again not changing anything else). Same problem. Which is:

Thumbnails and large images do not show up. For a second, it looks like they're coming in, but then are rendered invisible. The gallery title and captions do show up, though. No errors are given.

I'm on a Mac, system 10.5.7 and am running FlashCS3. It worked in March when I purchased it. I was using an older operating system then. That's the only change I can think of.

I noticed you asked another user about the Actionscript 2.0 path so I looked mine up. It says


Help! (I just bought SVManager and want to get SVP and SVM working together)

thank you

Re: republish swf problem


do you see any errors in the output window when you publish the new SWF?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: republish swf problem

Not a thing in the output window.

Re: republish swf problem

Quasi resolved:

I found out that the person who set up my computer years ago made 2 users...each are admins but with slightly different privileges. I think this must have been configured at the root level. It's nothing I can fix. (in any event, I can work with SV as User 2)

Odd thing: As User 1, I can publish some .swf files without a hitch. I could even publish some that had external images. But not the Simpleviewer ones. (well, I could publish the .swf but images wouldn't show).

So, I'm resolved enough.

Thank you Felix for checking in. If you have any other ideas, they would be appreciated. For everyone else, I'm just following up in case you have similar problems.