Topic: implementing BACK button to index of galleries


i've baught svmanager toda.
Is there any way to make a BACK TO HOME button that take you back to the index when you are browing thru a gallery.

for example:

index contains 10 galleries, i open gallery1 and browse thru some picture, i want to go back now to the

I don't like the use of the browser back button, i would like a button for each gallery, is it possible?

searched the forum, but found only a solution for the tiltviewer pro

please advise what to do/try

Re: implementing BACK button to index of galleries

You can use html and css to add extra stuff like back buttons above or below the gallery. This short tutorial shows how to do it for SimpleViewer. The principles are the same for TilViewer. I'm assuming some knowledge of making web pages in html and css.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.