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Hello there!

I am having big problems getting tiltviewer working online... I can embedded the Tiltviewer in my existent site and it is perfectly fine when I view it "locally", but when I upload the site and try to view the gallery, where should appear the gallery shows me a gray rectangle and nothing else, no grid, no images, no nothing. I upload all the files even the swfobjetc, but I still can´t see it.
I tried everything and I don´t know what else to do.

Please, please... would you help me?

The url is:

Thank you so much!

Re: Tiltviewer / Poblem working online

Are you using an older version of Fetch to upload your files? If so this will break the SWF on upload. Try using a different FTP app or upgrading Fetch.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Tiltviewer / Poblem working online

Felix thanks for your answer!! I can´t try with Fetch because I´m using windows (designing the site in Dreamweaver) and I understand the Fetch is for Mac. I was using Cute Ftp but I will try with another ftp app like you say. If you recommend an specific ftp please tell me.   
I will try to find another app, upload again the site and I´ll tell you how it works! Thanks!

Re: Tiltviewer / Poblem working online

Hi Felix! I tried what you said and other solutions I found in older posts but it didn´t work. I still can not see the gallery.

Please!!!!! Help me! I don´t know what else to do  :(

Could you please check the code in my file and see if I did something wrong?

If you could do it I will appreciate it so so much.


Re: Tiltviewer / Poblem working online

Hello Felix! I could solve the problem. I modified the code, I changed all the swfobject.js to SWFObject.js (do not know if that was really something that works) and I did the gallery again based on the original gallery and it worked.
I appreciate your help! :D