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hey everybody,

i just purchased the svn-manager and everything just works fine.
only one thing i want to ask and it would be great if someone could
help me.
i purchased autoviewer before and i included the code into a custom
swf-file which is my website. the website.swf is in my root directory
and the svn-manager is in /svnmanager.
now when i build galleries i try to load them from within my website.swf
by calling /svnmanager/press(name of my gallery)/gallery.xml.
no pictures show up, which is clear because the path to the images inside
the gallery.xml is relative to the gallery folder. (images/... .jpg).
the question is:
is there a way to alter the default for this path to have it this way:

svnmanager/gallery_name/images/... .jpg

i tried to find it myself but wasn't succesfull since i am not that good
with php.

any help or hints appreciated!

thanks in advance,

Re: images path in xml

ok. i found another hint myself...

i can change the directory path by editing svmanager/plugins/autoviewer/settings.php.

  // Specify image and thumb paths as relative, http or absolute
  // options are '' (default) for relative paths
  // or '' (note the trailing slash)
  // or '/svmanager/' (leading and trailing slash)
  define('AV_PATH_SCHEME', '/svmanager/');

i changed the path theme to "/svmanager/".

but since i have multiple galleries this doesn't help all the way...
how can i get the actual gallery name in there...

Re: images path in xml

Now that you've changed the path scheme, take a look inside one of the gallery.xml files. The tag for one of your images should be something like <url>/svmanager/galleryfolder/images/myimage.jpg</url>

Image paths in swfs always tie me in knots but I thought that was what you wanted?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: images path in xml

yeah. it is. everything works fine.  :D

should have taken a look before asking stupid questions... :rolleyes:

thanks anyways.

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