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I would think this would be an easy question but i cant do it. When i create my simple viewer(i export to my desktop from iphoto), i am left with a folder with a few files. When i click on the flash player it looks great but when i insert the html on a rapidweaver page you are required to have a "theme" correct? I would like to simple open my gallery from my website with a solid black background, no theme or anything. Basically i would like it to look just as it does when you click on the flash player link in the export folder. I hope i explained that correctly. I am using rapidweaver. Also i need help on uploading the suppport folders, is that done from within RW or manually done through Godaddy? Thanks for any help.

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Re: Solid Background

i think there may be problem with your hosting provider have you email thos provide to Godaddy. I had read some where about this problem before and that was default some syntex go daddy setting.