Topic: Turning the Sound off

This may have been asked before and I might be being dumb in not seeing it, but could somebody please help me.

I am struggling to discover the magic option of how you turn the sound on and off for tiltviewer pro.

And that is ALL THE SOUNDS, not just the clicks.

I have tried the following:

fo.addVariable('enableSounds', 'false');    

...with no effect.

Please rescue me from image viewing dunceland.

Thank you

Big White Bear

Re: Turning the Sound off

Are you using the most recent version of TiltViewer Pro? You need version 1.3.1 to use enableSound.
Did you clear your cache after making the fo.addVariable('enableSounds', 'false'); change?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Turning the Sound off


Thank you for your assistance.

Yes I have cleared the cache and it remains unaltered.

I have had tiltviewer pro for some time and this is the first time I have come to use it within a site, how do I know what version I have?

I cannot see an obvious version number on any of the download folders or items. If I do not have the correct version how do get the upgrade?

Kind thanks once again for your knowledge and help with regard to this pesky problem.

Big White Bear