Topic: Clarification Before Purchase Please

I have been scouring the web for a photo gallery package that is clean, simple, customizeable and yet trendy. This suite of products fits just that. I installed the PS4 Airtight Interactive Web extension and played around with creating some test galleries in each of the 4 different styles.

I am posting in this forum because I wasn't sure exactly where to ask this question. I did some searching and was not able to find a clear cut answer.

Can you please confirm or correct the following statement.

If I desired to own the PRO version of all 4 gallery styles and svManager it would cost me $45 + $45 + $45 + $45 + $35 = $215?

Or is it just $45 for PRO and I get pro for all 4 styles and then another $35 for the svManager.

I truly appreciate your help clarifying this, I don't want to purchase under the wrong assumptions.

Thank You!

Re: Clarification Before Purchase Please


each Pro gallery is a separate purchase.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.