Topic: AHHH! ... Need to get rid of space above image

the SIMPLEDATA that I am using:

<SIMPLEVIEWER_DATA align="top" maxImageDimension="900" textColor="0x123A51" frameColor="0xACC7D6" bgColor="0xFFFFFF" frameWidth="5" stagePadding="0" thumbnailColumns="7" thumbnailRows="1" navPosition="top" navDirection="LTR" title=" " imagePath="" thumbPath="">

This is what's happening:

++ I am working with images that are long in width. I don't mind them looking smaller than square images would look, I understand that's a given with the space I'm trying to work with (about 520 pixels in width).

++ The viewer.swf is requiring me to give it a height of 650 pixels in order for the long image to show at full 520 pixels, but there is a BIG space in between the navigation (placed at the top) and the actual image.

++ When I try to make the viewer.swf smaller in height in hopes of getting rid of the space in between the navigation and the image, the image is shrunk in width, displaying no more than about 300 pixels.  :(

++ I have tried messing with the buildgallery.php and nothing. (I'm not a php programmer, but understand a bit ... 2/10 in rating)

I am a bit frustrated and sad. Please help...  :x <--- me crying

Re: AHHH! ... Need to get rid of space above image

Hi Matrix, unfortunately you have hit a limitation with SimpleViewer. From the FAQ:

SimpleViewer is designed to show both tall and wide images, therefore the image area is square. If you are showing only wide images, this will result in blank space above and below the image.

The next version of SimpleViewer should address this issue.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: AHHH! ... Need to get rid of space above image


I want to congratulate you on all of your high-quality, unique work! I love your application and want to contribute. Please let me know how to purchase the source and how difficult is to change the viewer with the download link to the one that doesn't have the download link on a gallery that is already viewable online. Is it just a change of files or does entail much more than that?

I am also very intrigued and interested in the Brightcove work that you do. I would like to talk more about this with you, if possible within your scheme of time. Thanks once again!

Oh, btw, what I did to fix the problem was simply cut the images into smaller ones. It was actually benefitial since I was working with high resolution images, and it helped me showcase more detail, which I liked very much. Once again, your little app is pretty cool and easy to use for folks like me!  :) Thanks!