Topic: Publishing in Flash CS4

I got Autoviewer a long time ago ... like maybe one or almost 2 years. It's version 1.3.

Now I wanted to use it and it won't publish properly in Flash CS4 (for the Mac) - lots of errors and doesn't work

10 errors in total. Do I need to buy a new copy? Is 1.3 unusable in CS4?

here are some examples:

ActionScript 2.0 class scripts may only define class or interface constructs.

Unexpected '}' encountered

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Re: Publishing in Flash CS4

AutoViewer is currently on v1.4 and will publish in Flash CS4.

You can use your original download link (sent by email) to get the latest version.

If you cannot locate your original download link, please fill out this form to receive a new link: … _form.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Publishing in Flash CS4

Perfect, that's all I needed to know. It's working great now. Glad I asked.