Topic: Cannot change permissions on Gallerydata.txt

By some weird reason i cannot change the permissions on my gallerydata.txt file in the data folder. It's now set to 644 and for it to work on my server i need so set it to 664, but this doesn't seem possible.

Is it possible to set it's permissions to 664 when it's created?

Galleryset.php in the Classes defines how it's made, but i cannot find anything there on how it sets the permissions.

My permissions in constants.php are set to 775 and 664.

Hope you can help me!

Re: Cannot change permissions on Gallerydata.txt

SvManager just accepts the server defaults (set in the server user mask) when it creates this file. There's no built-in way to change the permissions since it's not been needed up to now. As far as I know, you are the first person to ask for it.

Does your host offer any kind of control panel (other than ftp) which you can use to change permissions?

Could your server admin change the permissions for you?

Are you sure you really need group write permissions? The web user already has write permissions with 644.

I could suggest a code hack to get you around the problem but could you try these approaches first?

And I'll put it on the todo list to look at building something into the next release.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.