Topic: Embedding HTML multiple galleries - problem


I have a site which has three gallery (portfolio) pages. Client doesn't like existing image gallery and I would like to use Simple Viewer Pro.

I want the HTML files to remain in the website folder (so that CSS and other file references do not need to be changed).
If possible I would like client to be able to use Svmanager to update images.

Presumably,  I need to define just Gallery.xml and the images and thumbs folders separately for each gallery.

I have set this up in my test area … stsvf.html by :-
changing the  html to reference specific gallerygall1.xml file. 
within the xml the images and thumbs paths changed to imagesgall1 and thumbsgall1 respectively.

However,  error 'gallery not found' being displayed.

Am I using the most straightforward method to acheive 3 galleries?
Can my client use Svmanager once it is 'fixed'?
What have I missed - Why isn't it working?

Help would be appreciated.