Topic: svManager Postcardviewer-pro

Hi, I have purchased both svManager & Postacrd Viewer, both brilliant value by the way! anyhow, I need to get the thumbnails in postcard viewer pro aligned straight "maxRotation:Number = 0;"

I have been through the process and works fine from the PVP Web demo folder after re-publishingthe fla file. I upload the .swf into the plugins/postcard/pvmaster folder on my server, they still render randomly.

Am I missing something here, Thanks

Re: svManager Postcardviewer-pro

Each time you create a new gallery in svManager, the swf is copied from the master folder into the gallery folder. So you should be ok with any new galleries you create.

For existing galleries you'll need to use the rebuild option in the galleries screen or copy your re-published swf into the gallery folder itself and overwrite the old swf.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.