Topic: Just upgraded to simpleviewer pro... need help!

So I had previously been using the free version of simpleviewer and created 11 galleries for a client's website. They loved the galleries but did not like the simpleviewer logo in the corner so I just purchased simpleviewer pro today. I put the simpleviewer.swf file on the server and updated one of the pages where one of the galleries was embeded into an HTML document to point to "simpleviewer.swf" instead of the previous "viewer.swf".

Next thing is that I tested the page to see if the simpleviewer logo came off and it did however the look of the gallery has changed considerably. The biggest issue is that now there are two logos on top that I do not want there for the full screen and open in new window. How can I quickly and easily get rid of that? And is there a way to do that which will apply to all the 11 galleries?

The second issue is that now the borders around the thumbnails have gone back to white instead of my custom color (the custom color is still appearing around the main blown up image though). And also those thumbnails now have shadows, which is a nice option but not one I want to use on this page. How can I get it back to the way it was editing all of the 11 embedded galleries each which has its own html page it is embeded into and its own gallery.xml file referring to? 

Lastly, the arrow button has changed from being a nice simple rectangle in the same color as the border to a black and white circle. Can that be put back to normal?

I tried to open via svBuilder but since I have 11 galleries embeded into 11 html pages and 11 gallery.xml documents (ie. gallery2.xml, etc.) all abiding within my client's main html folder (which contains their whole site), when I tried to open the galleries this way it only showed one of the galleries, gallery.xml, and all the rest, gallery2.xml and on were not showing up.

All of this is a bit frustrating because I had spent a lot of time (and my client's money paying for my time) setting up these galleries to a point where we were happy with them except for the simpleviewer logo and after upgrading to get rid of the logo I am faced with what seems like it will be a lot more time and money to get these galleries looking the way we designed them but without the simpleviewer logo in place.

If anyone could assist me on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Just upgraded to simpleviewer pro... need help!

The new options page at … tions.html has the answers to several of your questions.

Use XML options showOpenButton="FALSE" and showFullscreenButton="FALSE" to remove the two buttons at the top.
You can either put these lines inside the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag in the XML files, eg <simpleviewergallery showOpenButton="FALSE" showFullscreenButton="FALSE">, or add them as flashvars in the HTML files, eg flashvars.showOpenButton="FALSE";

The XML option thumbFrameColor determines the color of the thumbnail frames and it defaults to white (#FFFFFF).

To have the navigation arrows look like those in v1.9, the XML option galleryStyle="CLASSIC" will achieve this.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Just upgraded to simpleviewer pro... need help!


Thank you so much for the information. That is very helpful.

also helpful was an email reply from Felix:

Your galleries look diferent because simpleviewer has recently been upgraded to v2.0. Your old galleries were v1.9. To keep the old look, use the v1.9 pro swf in the pro download at /v1.9/web/viewer.swf


Felix Turner"

I did that and it worked like a charm!

So thanks to both of you!