Topic: button bar

One thing that i notice is that if you use the program to make the gallery it will no matter what not effect the button bar. I have tried moving it all over and it remains in the upper right....

How can i fix this?

Re: button bar

Have you tried:

buttonBarPosition      STAGE_TOP     

Position of button bar. Can be:

    * STAGE_TOP - above all other gallery elements
    * TOP - in Top Stack
    * BOTTOM
    * LEFT
    * RIGHT
    * OVERLAY - As part of image overlay
    * NONE

buttonBarHAlign      RIGHT      Horizontal alignment of Button bar. Can be:

    * CENTER
    * LEFT
    * RIGHT

buttonBarVAlign     TOP     Vertical alignment of Button Bar. Can be:

    * CENTER
    * TOP
    * BOTTOM … tions.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.