Topic: Pictures overlap and won't scroll ... !?

I found a strange bug in Autoviewer pro. When i setup 1,2 or 3 pictures in my XML the pictures load and scroll as intended, but as soon as I load 4 or more pictures into the player it starts bugging. It loads pictures not next to each other but let them overlap (you can see the first three pics loading next to each other and all the other pictures appear above them???). After the pics are loaded i can click them and they appear (fade from -255 to normal) but nothing is moving anymore... (with 4 pics all appear next to each other and scrolling works until i click the 4th picture, the it stops moving forward or backward...) i tried hours to find the bug in my XML and compiled the Flash X times - nothing changed. I'm 100% sure that my XML is correct, i compared it to my other working files and everything is fine. It contains some pictures with a size of around 800 x 320 px and others with something like 320 x 320, it also contains all the other necessary data like caption (in my case empty tag), url, width and height, aswell as image and gallery tags. The player is set to 320px height and 100% width. All other galleries i've implemented in the site are working correctly - except this one. The names of the pics do not contain any special characters and the only thing i've changed in the flash options is the color of pictures which are not shown at the moment (to -255 = black). I also tried compiling the flash again and again, nothing happened. This must be a strange bug, i can't explain this myself.

Please can anyone help me with my problem, i bought the autoviewer and need that site online this month for a customer of me. But it's not working and i'm absolutely clueless how to fix this :((((

thx in advance

Re: Pictures overlap and won't scroll ... !?

Check the image height and width properties are set correctly in the XML.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Pictures overlap and won't scroll ... !?

Hi Felix,

omg, sorry for posting at all :( I really missed the tiny little ">" infront of the </width> tag. After looking at the xml-file another 3 times i found this type in one of the tags... deleted it and everything is running smooth again ;)  :cool:

Thx a lot ;)